Step 3: How to Hang Pre-Pasted Wall Murals

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So you got the right tools, prepped your walls, measured and marked exactly where you want the mural to hang…now it’s time to actually hang it!

I’m so excited for you to see it up on the wall!

One of the reasons I love these wall murals is how easy they are to hang.  It’s super forgiving and moves around on the wall for a couple minutes after you apply it, so it’s easy to match the pattern from panel to panel.

Here’s How You Hang Your Wall Mural:

1.  As you walk in a room, you don’t want to see thin white paper edges of the wallpaper where the seams overlap, right?  So you can install it to face away from doorways and entrances hiding the overlapping edges from view.  Keep this in mind when you decide how you’ll hang your wall mural.

These wall murals are rolled with each panel numbered sequentially.  You can hang the mural from left to right or right to left.

2.  For wall murals with dark areas printed on them, you’ll get a charcoal stick with your kit.  You can use this to hide some of the white paper edges and help disguise the seams.

Rub the charcoal onto the seam gently (only where there is a dark section on the mural) BEFORE dunking the panel into water.

3.  Set your ladder up close to where you’ll hang the first wallpaper panel.

4.  Fill your wallpaper water tray with clean, warm water and put it against the wall.  (Read the next step before submerging your wallpaper into the tray of water).

5.  Take your first wallpaper panel and loosely roll it inside out so the print is rolled on the inside and the back of the wallpaper is rolled facing out.

This way, the wallpaper will come out of the water from the top end first and ready to put onto the wall.

6.  Now you’re ready to dunk the rolled up mural panel into the water tray.

Let it sit for 15 seconds.  Make sure it stays completely under the water.

7.  Slowly…whoa, I said slowly…pull the panel out of the water, making sure the backing is completely wet.

Hang the panel (either against the adjoining wall or the vertical pencil line you drew earlier).

8.  Use your hands to position and flatten the wallpaper, starting from the centre of the wallpaper towards the sides, laying down the outside edges.

9.  Once the wallpaper is stuck to the wall, you have about 2 minutes to adjust it up or down to match the pattern.  Keep both hands flat on the wallpaper and apply gentle force to move it.  Check up and down the entire edge to make sure the patterns match vertically.

10.  Once the wallpaper pattern is matched up, use the sponge smoother to remove any large air bubbles.  Hold the wallpaper in place with a flat hand at the top and gently slide the sponge smooth from the centre to the outside edges.

Make sure you don’t stretch the wallpaper or move it from its current position.  Don’t worry about any small air bubbles.  As the mural dries, those small air bubbles will disappear.  Poof!

11.  As you hang each new panel, use a clean, damp cloth to lightly wipe the edges.

This will take off any paste that seeped out while you hung the wallpaper and will also help to keep the edges flat.

12.  Trim the top and bottom edges off (hope you read Step 2!).

Hold your taping knife into the crease of the wall and ceiling (or wall and baseboard) and use it as a straight edge guide to trim the wallpaper with a sharp exacto knife.

Do this after you hang each new panel (before moving onto the next panel).

Make sure to change the blade in the exacto knife often to keep it sharp and avoid tearing the wall mural.

13.  Repeat for all remaining panels.

The panels are designed to overlap each other by ¼” so you can easily match the design.  For example, the last ¼” on the left edge of a panel will have the same pattern as the first ¼” on the right edge of the next panel.  They must overlap during installation so the patterns match up.

15.  Use a level to check the wallpaper on the vertical seam after each new panel is installed to make sure it is level.

Done and done!

I’d love to see your mural once it’s been hung…please, Please, PLEASE send some pics so I can share it with my fans.  You’ll get showered in compliments and can brag to your friends that you’re famous.

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