How To Hang Pre-Pasted Wall Murals

The Pre-Steps To The 3 Steps (And A Small Rant)

This week, 2 of our picture frames broke within 2 days of each other.  I know, right?!  Like I need something else on my to-do list (can you relate?).

My hubby was moving our daughter’s “big girl bed” in with his dad and they accidentally knocked my painting off the wall.

Frame broken.  Glass everywhere.  Cue the Roomba.

Day 2.  Play date.  A print spontenuously (have you seen Happy Feet?) fell off the dining room wall, nearly missing the girl’s heads as they played with their Mega Blocks…okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.  They were in the kitchen.  Still…another broken frame and some chipped glass.

I know it’s just a couple of frames.  But honestly, all I could think was “Yup.  This is my life.  Just another small and trivial project on my list of 100 small and trivial things to do.”

When my hubby and I were still DINKs (I’m not rude, I promise.  Google it…) things like this were not an issue.  I would hop in the car, hit Michaels, whip out my coupon and re-frame those suckers.

Now, I have to deal with a toddler who HATES the car seat.

She also doesn’t care that I’m carrying two large and heavy glass picture frames and that I don’t have a hand to hold hers…she sees a squirrel on the road and she’s going straight for it.

Complaining over.

The Point I’m Trying To Get At Is I Know How Much You Have To Do In Your Days.  I Get It. 

Decorating a bedroom (or any room) might seem like a monumental task. But it doesn’t have to be.

You could have a feature wall done in about 2 hours…that’s less time than it will take me to reframe those pics.

Follow along with these instructions and you can scratch off a more-than-small-and-trivial-project off your to-do list.

One caveat: I do think you’ll have an easier time hanging your wall mural if you read over all 3 installation steps first.  Be an Adrienne (that’s me!) – read and follow the instructions…not a Paul (that’s my hubby) – he likes to skip steps and ignore the instructions (sorry for ratting you out, honey).

It’s Time To Tool Up

Ever heard of “use the right tools for the job?”  Here’s your tools list to hang these wall murals:

  • Sandpaper (80 or 100 grit)
  • Scissors (as sharp as possible)
  • Clean Cloth
  • Ruler
  • Level
  • Sponge Smoother (not a hard plastic smoother; use a regular sponge if you can’t find a sponge smoother)
  • Water Tray (a 22” water tray is the ideal size or simply a large plastic bin large enough to fit an 18” wide roll of wallpaper)
  • Exacto Knife (very sharp, ideally one with several new blades)
  • Taping Knife (or other straight edge tool)
  • Zinsser brand B-I-N Shellac Base Primer OR an oil based primer are optional

Good To Know Notes

  • Each MU SKU removable wallpaper strip is 18” wide
  • It’s a breeze to match up the design from panel to panel…each strip is designed to overlap the next by ¼”.

If You’ve Gotten This Far And Are Ready To Give Up Already

Adrienne from installs a black and white birch tree forest wall mural

And remember, if you read through all these instructions and think “whoa, this is just not my cup of tea,” gimme a shout.  I can hang your mural for you in 2 hours while you DO sip your kind of tea.  I hang wall murals from Toronto to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between.

If you don’t live around here, get in touch.  I might be able to refer you to someone who hangs murals.

How’d It Go?

So, did you get your mural hung up okay?  I would love to hear about what wall mural you installed and I’m sure my readers would love any tips you might have uncovered during the process.  Fill us in in the comments below.


Step 1: How to Prepare Your Wall for MU-SKU Wall Murals

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