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Customer Pics: Old Brick Wallpaper Black & White

Thinking of brick wallpaper for your space but you’ve had self-proclaimed purists tell you it’ll look cheap and cheesy?

Technology has come a long way since the 60s and brick murals are better than ever!

I’ve spent hours asking my customers for photos of their grey brick wallpaper so that you can see just how stunning it can be in real, live rooms (scroll down to see them).

But don’t take my word for it…see for yourself!

Grab a wallpaper sample to see how UN-cheap and UN-cheesy they are

Even though Colin and Justin think my wallpaper is super realistic looking (and even with the customer pics I’ll be sharing below), it can be hard to tell how my brick wallpaper looks up close.

IF this is a concern for you – I totally recommend buying a wallpaper sample.

Wallpaper samples available for this grey brick wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

You can buy one from the product page of Old Brick Wallpaper (Black & White).

Ready for some grey brick wallpaper ideas?

These customer examples are just of my grey brick wallpaper called Old Brick B&W.

If you’re curious about other designs, check out my blog posts on:

Bedroom wallpaper

Don’t you think this bedroom looks light and airy with all the white against the wallpaper?

If you wanted to go even lighter, Old Brick B&W comes in a lighter coloured version.

Manly bedroom wallpaper

Don’t you think it’s funny how the same wall covering can look different in different bedrooms?

Do you think the darker bedding and the “Mr.” throw pillow makes the grey effect wallpaper look more manly?

Living room wallpaper

If you had a real exposed brick wall, it’d be way harder to hang cabinets.  But it’s super easy to hang anything over wall murals.

Would you hang DVD storage cabinets over wallpaper or just use free-standing cabinets instead?

Wallpaper for big @$* walls

Do you have a super wide wall?  It can be hard to find wall murals (that have no repeat pattern) in a really wide size.

Old Brick B&W comes in a really wide size – up to 36’wide!

Dining room wallpaper

Are you worried your grey brick feature wall will look too cold and industrial?

This customer added a sparkly chandelier and flowers on the dining room table.  Do you think it softened the mural up a bit?

Kitchen wallpaper

Although my wall murals are super easy to hang, you can always hire an installer like @wallpaper_paint.  He shared a pic of Old Brick B&W that he hung in Oakville.

Do you think it gives the kitchen a lofty feel?

Wanna see sizes and prices?

Do you feel like this might be the brick wallpaper you’re looking for?  You can see all the sizes and prices listed in Old Brick B&W or check out the lighter version.

If you’re looking for wallpaper samples, this is also where you can order them.

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See ya there!

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