4 Tips to Save BIG on a Mural (So You Don’t Have to Sell the Farm!)

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“Ooh, I’ve always wanted a wall mural in my son’s room, but we can’t afford it.”

That’s what a mama said to me the other day, while we were picking up the kids from the gym daycare.

“Can’t afford it?”  I asked back.

“Well, ya.  They’re expensive.”

“Expensive?”  I echoed.  I’m totally confused.

“Aren’t they?”  She asked.

I was super surprised by this.

I’ve always been sensitive about people’s budgets, because – I get it.

I’m a mom with a husband, baby, house, dog, cat, car…I know young families have financial obligations.

I guess I’ve always had this thing inside me.  If I want something badly enough, I find a way to make it work.

Which is why I always work with my clients to create a personalized wall mural that is beautiful – and inspires imagination – with a budget that works for everyone.

So this conversation got me thinking.  Maybe I should show my clients ALL the ways that they can have the wall murals they want in a budget that suits them.

So here are 4 tips (and a bonus one at the end) on how you can get that feature wall you’ve been dreaming about…without having to sell the farm!

Tip #1: Wallpaper Murals

One way to stretch your MOOOO-la, is to create your feature wall with wallpaper murals.

BTW, sorry in advance for all the farm sounds.

First of all, I have a two-year-old, so my brain is wired to talk in animal.

Second, I’m trying to stick to a farm theme in this article.  I seem to be painting a load of boy’s wall murals these days.  Farms and tractors seem like the perfect boys bedroom ideas to talk about (or playroom ideas too!).

Anyway, back to wallpaper murals…

You get a complete wall – every square inch covered…every minute detail…every tiny brushstroke…a huge statement piece – starting from around a few hundred bucks.

Here are a couple ideas of farm wall murals you could get:

A farm wall mural with a cow riding a bike, pig driving a tractor, cow taking a bath, rabbits tending a garden and chickens going for a swim

A farm wall mural with a pig flying in a tractor over a barn while cows, horses, donkey, ducks and a dog watch

Do you know…to have me hand-paint a mural in the same size and in as much detail as these wallpaper murals ~ it would cost at least $2000!

Plus, you’re still supporting artists who are amazing at their crafts ~ which makes YOU amazing too!

Whoa!  Slam on the brakes (you say)!  “Wallpaper is a B@#$% to remove.  No thanks!”

I say to you…removable wallpaper.

How bout you just grab a panel of your (already hung) wallpaper mural from the bottom of the wall and…gently pull up.  All my wall murals with the SKU starting in “MU” are totally removable.

No water.

No vinegar.

No scraper.

No sweat.

(No chipped nails).

In fact, once you easily peel it off, why don’t you roll it up and save it…because you can use it again!

Yup.  Take it to your new house.  Give it to a friend with younger kids.  Move it from the bedroom to the playroom.

How awesome is that?

And it only takes 2 hours to hang them.  Just follow my super simple instructions.

Tip #2: Paint Your Own Baaa-Ckground

Ya, another fun farm sound.  Maybe I should be writing and illustrating kids’ books instead of painting wall murals?

So wallpaper murals aren’t your thing.

You want a one-off-totally-custom-personalized-just-for-your-kiddo-masterpiece.

But you don’t want the price tag of a Picasso.

One way I’ve worked with clients on a budget is to have them paint their own mural background before I get there.

Green grass.  Blue sky.  That sort of thing.

A blue sky and green grass painted on a wall ready for a mural

My client, Tarin, painted the blue sky and green grass for her farm theme playroom (actually, for her son’s farm theme playroom, but you get the point).

She just used regular latex paint.  I can even recommend paint colours for you, if you’re not comfortable picking out the colours yourself.

Tarin asked me questions like “Is there a specific finish you prefer? Like eggshell vs gloss?”

She sent me photos as she progressed through the painting process, to get my feedback.

She wrote, “So I’ve done the grass but want to get your input on if you think it’s high enough or the hills are hilly enough haha. I still have some touching up to do, including a second coat. So I can bring the grass up higher if you’d like.”

It’s a fully interactive part of the mural process – I will help you through it step by step – with as much (or as little) input as you want.

Here’s a great tip for painting backgrounds.  It’s called the rule of thirds.  Basically, it means don’t place your horizon line right in the middle of your canvas.  Read more on the rule of thirds in this Wikipedia article.

Red arrows separate a blue sky and green grass into thirds showing the "Rule of Thirds" when painting a mural

In Tarin’s case…don’t put the line where the grass and sky meet across the centre of the wall.

Imagine your wall is cut in 3…then place the grass line at either the 1/3 (lower third) or the 2/3 (upper third) area.

She did an amazing job painting the background in latex paint and it saved her around $250 in labour.

BTW, here’s the final farm mural I painted for Tarin’s little boy, Rhys.  It’s in his playroom…fun!

A farm wall mural showing a green John Deere Tractor, a pink pig, 4 yellow ducklings and a sun on blue sky and green grass

Tip #3: Paint Patterns

You aren’t sold on a mural scene, but you want a theme?  Patterns are an amazing way to create a feature wall.

A black and white cow patterned mural on the wall behind a green bed. A boy's name, Oliver, is also on the mural.

For a farm theme, why not have a cow pattern painted on your wall?  I can even hand-paint your child’s name to personalize the mural.

And because there is no intricate detail (other than the name), these types of wall murals are very inexpensive.

Plus, if you’re the hands-on type, you can even paint the white background (in this example) to save you even more.  I would just come in to paint the black cow pattern and the name.

Tip #4: Check Out My Promotions Section

I try to run regular promos for my fans.  Sometimes it’s on wallpaper murals.  Sometimes it’s on my hand-painted wall murals (or other art).  Sometimes it’s a contest.

Check it out!

BONUS Tip #5: Installment Payments + Credit Cards

This isn’t really a “how to save on a mural” tip, but it is a way to make it possible if you want to go all out for that huge-tons-of-detail-cover-every-square-inch type of mural.

A woman easily enters her credit card details onto a tablet. The words: "Pay by credit card! Wallpaper mural or hand-painted mural. Full payment or installment payments. Whatever and however...you can pay by credit card. Easy peasy!"

No matter the cost of your mural, you are always welcome to make installment payments.  Sort of like layaway.  Do it bi-weekly, monthly…whatever.  You can even pay by credit card.

Yes…I accept credit card!

Let’s Keep In Touch

Can you think of any other ways to save on a mural?  Have questions on how my pricing works?  Feel free to share in the comments below!

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